Pet’s Tiny Cowl


The kitchen has been gaining status within a home for some time. The kitchen is now not just a place to cook, it is a place where family and friends get together to talk, laugh, socialize. Therefore, she must always be beautiful and organized. So how to decorate a kitchen and keep it organized? And how to decorate a kitchen with the reduced size? No matter how small, a custom-designed closet will help you make full use of the space. It should contain shelves of varying heights (avoid leaving a very large gap between them) and drawers, to store cutlery, smaller objects and tea towels. In this post you can learn more about it and also learn how to make an incredible Pet’s Tiny Cowl.

After defining the cupboard, sort your utensils, discarding chipped, cracked, broken objects and donating what is no longer used, to adapt the quantity of items to the available area, this will already help you a lot in the kitchen organization. As there is little space, just have the essentials – this means that if 2 people live in the house, there is no need for 20 glasses, 12 cups and 18 plates!

In the organization, a basic rule is to place the same items in the same space, that is, cups with cups together on the same shelf, cups with cups, plates with dishes, etc … The market has several items for using space, such as wires with various purposes, portable shelves that act as an intermediate support between the fixed shelves and supports with cup hooks, there are myths of models and possibilities.

Utensils such as wooden spoons and shells can be stored in wicker, tin or glass pots and placed over the sink or hung on rods fixed to the wall, this already helps you a lot. In fact, this is a great tip: it didn’t fit in the closet, hang everything you can on the wall! Make rolls in the dish towels and keep them in the drawer next to each other, for easy viewing and organization. If it doesn’t fit in the drawer, use a basket or box lined with fabric.

Items for sporadic use should be kept in the highest parts of the closet; the lowest shelves are reserved for items used daily, so you can easily pick them up. The pans can be accommodated in drawers or on the shelves below the sink, with the least used pans being below or behind and the most used ones above or in front. The lids can be accommodated in their own boxes or supports.

Plastic pots must be stacked by size and shape – never covered and the lids accommodated in a box on the side; the appliances must be in the same space, together with their accessories. With these tips, your kitchen will certainly be organized and welcoming, and remember: less is more! Please take a look at our website to check out other widely read tips and standards that we are sure you will love.

Free Tutorial Available: Pet’s Tiny Cowl


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