Pride of Boudoir Blanket

Planned lighting, more sober tones, design pieces and lots of wood. The details are striking in architect Gislaine Garonce’s project for an intimate room, which also houses a small office. The union of the two spaces brings, in a light and bold tone, a touch of sobriety to the place, which also focuses on the comfort and circulation of its users. In the entrance hall, the wood gives the charm of the panels and sideboards, four in all, round and very high, ideal for the exhibition of works of art, as in the proposal of the architect. In this post we will see more about it and you can make a beautiful Pride of Boudoir.

Wood is also present on the office desk and on the shelves that surround it in order to make the place practical and charming, with a beautiful and rustic touch. To complement the space, a curtain, with built-in lighting, just behind the table.

Classical and in a clear tone, she composes in the right measure, bringing elegance and protection to the furniture and the environment, still complementing the decoration chosen by the professional, who works in Brasilia and participates in large shows held in the Capital.

For the intimate room, which completes the project, the architect’s choices were neutral and striking colors, used in the furniture and accessories to complement. Red is present in two armchairs and also in the center of the table. The color gains prominence among the lighter shades of the sofa, the carpet and the curtain that is in the space, on the opposite side of the curtain chosen for the office.

Highlight for the curved lines of the sofa and the coffee table, which contrast with the straight lines of the corner table and the red armchairs that were also used. The same curved lines are also present in the Charles Eames armchair, one of the most classic creations by famous designers and present in the boldest and most modern designs of national and international architecture.

On the walls, the light colors are broken with the use of a great work of art to give a charm and a touch of elegance. The craftsmanship chosen by the professional to decorate the room is also highlighted in the scene. In addition to pieces of art in the hall, Gislaine Garonce used handicraft items scattered on the wooden shelves of the room, in order to play with the seriousness of the space and put aside the monotony common to an office.

Free Pattern Available: Pride of Boudoir PDF  Pride of Boudoir Image Pattern


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