Satu Mandala

Small environments are a growing trend in large cities. With the increase in the price per square meter and the growth of the single population, the decoration for small apartments is on the rise. Those who live in a small space feel the need to keep the environment beautiful and functional. In this post we will see more about it and you will make a beautiful Satu Mandala.

To talk about lighting for small spaces you need to think about decoration, so remember that. If you look carefully, there are two strands of decoration applied to the small spaces. One of them is the planned joinery, which aims to make the most of the environment, with all-tailored furniture, full of cabinets and sometimes with some hidden furniture.

In this case, the lighting should follow the furniture proposal, preferably being planned together with it. In this way, it is possible to incorporate lighting for small spaces in the furniture itself, creating interesting effects and also functional solutions, which is great.

In this situation, I recommend the use of plaster lining, which will bring mobility to move the existing light points to the location required by the furniture, which helps a lot. You can install spots and pendants in the lining considering that the dining table, side table, bed, etc., will not move.

The other decorative line you can follow to create a personalized environment is that of flexibility. This means that environments can transform completely just by moving a few pieces of place, which is a trend that many are looking for today. A coffee table can become a dining table, the nightstand can become a bench and the sofa easily becomes a bed.

If you identify more with this style, understand that lighting for small spaces will also need to have this potential for flexibility. In that case, use column lamps and lamps, which plug into the outlet and can be taken to all corners, as this will help you a lot. If you have plaster lining, distribute spots or ceiling lights regularly to create homogeneous lighting.

Even creating mutant environments, some pieces don’t have much to go. In these places, it is worth putting something more fixed. If you can’t move your nightstand, for example, you can think of placing a pendant lamp above it to give it a more beautiful touch. In both cases, it is important to consult a professional to assess the electrical structure of your property and ensure that the extra load will be supported.

Ask him to leave groups of luminaires with independent drives and install dimmers, so you can control the lighting at different times. If you prefer, you can hire an automation company and centralize the control of lighting (as well as sound, air conditioning, security, etc.) on a tablet or smartphone, which will give your home a more modern look.

Free Pattern Available: Satu Mandala


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