Trip Around The World Throw

Talking about the construction elements that can sector environments, replacing the walls. Cabinets play this role very well, since in addition to separating the environments, they also serve to store and organize objects, documents, bedding or whatever is necessary. The cabinets can have that common face, which everyone knows, like a built-in cabinet, with a conventional handle. Today we are not going to talk much about this guy because he is well known to all of us and we are also going to teach you how to make an amazing Trip Around The World Throw.

The types of cabinets that we will include in this matter are a little different from the conventional ones, that is, they are part of the architectural party chosen for each project that we saw on the internet. One of these types of cabinets is the one I prefer to use in most projects and it fascinates me the most; the disguised closet.

Whoever is there in your living room, bedroom or bathroom and because it is part of the decoration, no one can notice that behind their secret doors are hidden drawers, bars, objects, clothes, towels, documents, books and other things.

To coat this type of cabinet, a dose of creativity; wood, lacquer, mirror … or any other element you want to use, be creative. Keeping up with the wall covering is also a great alternative. Using different types of touch-lock closures, even better: your closet will be completely disguised. With this in mind, I wanted to challenge the reader with the following idea; what if instead of storing clothes and objects, the cabinets hid environments? That’s right. What if when opening a secret door, we come across a toilet, a closet or even a bedroom?

Take the case of the apartment we saw in a project. The closets where the clothes are were existing; the panel on the TV wall was made during the renovation. The white color of the cabinets was inserted in this panel that surrounds the TV, the door to the suite bathroom and the door that leads to the intimate corridor. See with closed and open doors. No one could say that behind these pivoting panels would be the passage to other rooms in the apartment.

In a panel, instead of using traditional handles, we chose to use armholes in the wood itself, from outside to outside on the doors, vertically, with the same white paint. The result is very clean and the environments were literally embedded inside the cabinets. On the same panel, we hang fun hooks to play with the concept; so the owners of the room can also hang clothes, accessories and bags out of the closet, which is very practical in everyday life and helps a lot.

Free Pattern Available: Trip Around The World Throw


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