Double Crochet Blanket


The kitchen deserves good decoration and a lot of comfort, after all, it is in the kitchen that we spend a lot of time preparing meals and welcoming family and friends. That is why it is so important to pay attention to the smallest details of this environment, especially at the kitchen counter, which can be used both to serve meals and to prepare them.

The kitchen counter is an indispensable item that transforms the environment making it more functional. In this post we will see more about it and you can make a beautiful Double Crochet Blanket with the tutorial that we separated

In the market it is possible to find the kitchen counter in different materials such as different types of marble, silestone, granite among others, allowing you an immense possibility of choices and for that reason, today we will talk more about kitchen with counter and we will also give you some tips on how to use them in decoration.

The American kitchen counter is commonly used to separate rooms that are integrated, such as the American kitchen with the living room or dining room. Contrary to what many people think the American kitchen counter when separating the environments it allows each space to have a different decoration, which helps a lot.

The American kitchen counter is often used as a dining area, great for small houses that don’t have much space for a large dining table, and thanks to the American kitchen counter you can create more places to sit using kitchen stools, which helps a lot, as in one of the projects we saw. The marble kitchen counter has a high value, but is perfect for those looking for refinement and sophistication for the kitchen with counter.

In the case of the kitchen with marble counter it is interesting that it is used more as something decorative and not to prepare meals and it is also not indicated to use marble as a counter for kitchen sink, because in this case the marble can be damaged and lose its its so beautiful appearance if it comes in contact with a lot of water and acidic products like lemon, so pay close attention to these details.

The wooden kitchen counter is perfect to give a rustic and very cozy touch to the environment, however, when choosing a kitchen sink counter made of wood it is important that this wood receives a special treatment, as naturally the wood does not support moisture , the same rule applies if the kitchen counter is to be very close to the stove or house a cooktop, because the wood also does not support high temperatures, you should always be very attentive to these details as they are very important.

Free Tutorial Available: Double Crochet Blanket


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