Mitered Granny Square Blanket


While we are living in a house, we do not always think of small details. However, time goes by and the walls may start to look empty, until the fateful moment arrives when the conclusion is reached that a small change in that specific wall in the bedroom or living room could make all the difference.

A wall covering has the power to make this transformation in environments. There are several options of wall covering that can be used in all environments of the house. In our post you will see more about it and you can learn to make a beautiful Mitered Granny Square Blanket with the tutorial that we separated.

You can make a very different wall in the entrance hall of the apartment or cover a part of the facade of the house with beautiful rounded stones, for example, this will help you a lot and will give an incredible touch to the environment.

In this post, we bring you several inspirations and suggestions for wall coverings and where to use them. Wood is a type of wall covering ideal for large environments that require heat.

The wooden wall covering gives the feeling of warmth and makes the environments warmer, which is what many want today. Some more current projects reveal a trend towards the use of wood flooring in lavatories and bathrooms, environments where this material was practically “prohibited”.

However, to use wood cladding in these rooms, the wood must be properly treated against moisture. The wallpaper is a classic and timeless finish. Ideal for environments with little or no humidity, this wall covering is ideal if you are looking for different prints, stripes or very specific patterns, it gives a unique touch to the environment. It is also possible to use specific fabrics to cover the wall, they cause a more textured effect.

Tablets, glass tiles and bathroom ceramics are examples of wall coverings suitable for wet environments, such as the bathroom and kitchen, in addition to the pool area, as it is one of the places that most needs water resistant coating. Kitchen tiles are, in fact, very classic coatings for this environment!

Transparent color coatings refer to water and combine well with these areas. Resistance to moisture is also an advantage. However, there are other types of kitchen and bathroom tiles that can be used as wall cladding: metal, stone and even wood tiles, which have an incredible effect on environments.

Plasterboard is also an excellent alternative to be used as a wall covering. They offer interesting textures, such as a form of 3D coating, and designs, from the simplest to the most intricate, which guarantee a unique style for the surface. Using stones as a wall covering is also a way to create a stylized environment, with well-marked details, creating a visual full of personality and leaving the environment with a very beautiful and cozy face.

Free Tutorial Available: Mitered Granny Square Blanket


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