Whispers of Spring Mandala


The first thing you see and have contact with when entering an environment is the door, it is it that gives the first impression of the space. And as the first impression is what remains, it is necessary to be careful. The door models can have smooth or textured plywood covering, with application of matte paint or high gloss. The basic height of a door is 2.10m, however, depending on the project in which it will be inserted, it is possible to have it made to the size necessary to meet specific needs. In this post we will see more about it and you will learn how to make a beautiful Whispers of Spring Mandala.

The other measures will depend on the gap available to place the door, sometimes 0.60m, 0.70m, 0.90m and so on, so take the correct measurements. The durability of the door will depend on the environment it protects and the weather, sun, rain, winds, sand, etc. It is always necessary to maintain any model and type of door so that it remains in perfect condition and functioning.

There are several models of doors that can give you incredible results, as well as materials, finishes, etc. You can find the door that will best match your home design or business environment. Pivoting door: luxury and sophistication.


Free Tutorial Available: Whispers of Spring Mandala

It is the desire of many people when choosing the “door of dreams”. If you intend to modernize the entrance to your home, really, this is a great option, you can bet on it without fear. They can be made of different materials, wood, glass, metal, etc., but the most common is wood, which can have several designs, textures or be even smooth, in the color of the wood itself or colored.

The leaf of this door rotates on a vertical axis, a part of it goes out when opening, so it is necessary to check the measures available in the environment and outside it to install this type of door, so pay attention to that. Wooden door with glass details, can be used indoors or in environments where there is no need to worry about privacy.

The balcony doors are generally used on balconies and terraces of houses and apartments to give access from the bedrooms or living room to the “external” space. The glass doors undergo a treatment to acquire thermal resistance, so that they do not crack during the first climate change. This type of door makes the environment more modern and more beautiful. They can be used both to give access to the outside of the house and for indoor environments.


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