White Lace Bag

There are several types of gardens, which differ by their characteristics and functions. Nowadays they are present in the most varied ways, in the most diverse places, whether they are external or internal areas, there are suitable species for each environment. For people who live in small environments, here are some tips on how to make a garden in small spaces. In this post we will see more about it and you can make a beautiful White Lace Bag.

Vertical garden: Very popular option for those who do not have so much space on the floor. Fixing plants to the wall or ceiling makes the environment more beautiful, fun and also cheerful. Can be mounted with trusses for easy installation. Pay attention to the choice of species according to the light and local ventilation and remember to irrigate the plants according to the periodicity that the species requires.

As a suggestion, you can use the purple lambari for full sun and ripsalis for half shade your garden. How to make the choice of species: Give preference to plant species from your region, as they have greater chances of prospering, besides being cheaper and still very beautiful.

The cultivation of perennials takes less work, as they have longer life cycles, remember this. Vases: A set of vases fits in any corner. Alternate the size and height of the pots for the garden to receive a more organic and natural touch.

Light tones and pastel colors in a bright environment suggest calm, while warmer colors generate more vibrant and also very beautiful images. Mini garden: A combination of plants and decorative objects inside pots. It can be made from a great combination of plants, especially those from the succulent family. Its main advantage is low maintenance.

Decorative elements: wood, stones, pebbles, pebbles, water sources, fibers, straw, bamboo, reused tires, pallets, among others. They are elements that allow various combinations of garden and uses such as cladding, support, lining, separation of environments, vases, shelves, benches and much more, believe me. Give preference to small pieces.

Unless your garden is a single large vase arranged as a decorative element. The lighting gives the final touch and can be done with a hanging lamp or on a table, projected on the composition of the garden, which also makes everything very beautiful. Terrariums: Terrariums are good garden options. They are easy and inexpensive to assemble, and require very little maintenance and care, in addition to reproducing a miniature ecosystem.

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