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When we are away from home for a long period and the homesickness is strong, the image that comforts us is that of our room, it is the environment that gives us security, that we share our intimacy and build bonds with the chosen person. More than a place to rest, it is our own dimension, as Walt Disney said “I don’t sleep to rest, but to dream”. While the bedroom takes us to a world created by and for us, it is the memory of our bed, comfortable with pillows and a blanket that reminds us of the safety of the “nest”. That is why the decoration of double rooms is so important. In this post we will see more about the decoration of the double bedroom and you will still learn how to make a beautiful Dog sweater.

To enjoy the fullness of a room, it is important that in the design of the project elements are considered to meet the expectations of the resident, so remember this. The distribution of the furniture, the definition of the circulations and ambience, will determine the sensations and experiences that that space will provide. A well-designed layout contributes to the comfort of the resident, providing in plan solutions such as the entrance to the room that should be on the opposite side of the headboard.

If possible with a bulkhead (a well-placed cupboard will do it), as the bed should not be exposed when we open the door, not only for the sake of privacy, but because we must immediately see who enters when we are lying down, this also refers to the feeling of security that many want in their rooms today.

While the simplicity of sheets, pillows and blankets of many threads is enough for bed, it is the headboard that frames and gives personality to the room so pay attention to these details. Whether as a separate element or part of the design of the environment, as in one of the bedroom designs that we saw executed in Vila Madalena in São Paulo, Brazil, where the headboard is the dividing wall between the bedroom and bathroom.

As we have also seen in other projects, the headboard can be vertical or horizontal. In a project in Leblon, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, a headboard that occupies the entire wall horizontally was used, neutral, it helps the composition of the bed with the bedside tables. Support is essential, whether for a cup, watch, book, medication, in short, needs common to all.

In addition to this, a luminaire so as not to disturb the partner (a) when the sleep times do not match, a device used in the lighting of this environment is the beacon that illuminates the path without the need to turn on the main light, which helps a lot not to have that problem with eye pain when going to the bathroom at night for example. The lighting in the room should be diffuse, soft so that we can slow down, with intense light and a more closed focus just to suit features, such as reading or for cabinets, if they are in the environment.

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