Granny Classic Afghan

Ceiling lamps can help you keep the environment much more beautiful and very cozy, in addition to giving a special touch to the decor, however, to achieve this result it is important to pay attention to some details. After all, the lighting of the house is a fundamental part of the feeling of well-being of those who enjoy their space. The first point to be successful in lighting is to have well defined how the layout of the environment will be, because that way you will know what should or should not be valued with ceiling lamps, even if it is a plaster ceiling. In this post you will learn more about it and learn how to make an incredible Granny Classic Afghan.

As important as the way forward in lighting is to define what types of lamps to use, so pay attention to this. For example, it is not advisable to use allogeneic ceiling lamps over sofas and chairs, as those who sit there will be very hot. For lighting your closet, for example, prefer to use white LED fixtures so that the color of the light does not change the color of your clothes. And for the office, the same tip is worth it.

If your environment has plaster ceiling or molding, using recessed ceiling lamps is a good idea, especially if you are looking for a cleaner decoration for the environment. The plaster ceiling can also help a lot to illuminate specific points of the environment, and we can also use it to achieve indirect lighting, which helps a lot.

In the large double bedroom of a project we saw, we could see that the built-in ceiling lamps were installed on the sides of the bed, following the plaster rank. The recessed ceiling lamps, besides helping in the composition of the environment together with the wooden panel, have become prominent in the room. The fact of using the plaster ceiling does not limit you to the built-in lamps.

This is because, we can use the ceiling lamps in the most elaborate pendant models to contract with the clean atmosphere of the ceiling or even the furniture. The final result can be quite interesting, but of course, if you prefer to keep the style more clean and modern in the decoration of the environment, it is also possible to use the ceiling lamps with a more minimalist design together with the plaster lining, they will add a touch incredible to everything.

And another reason why the differentiated ceiling lamp contrasts with the sober and clean atmosphere of the decorated dining room, making the space more interesting. Just as a cleaner environment can receive a more elaborate ceiling lamp, the reverse way is also valid when using a crystal lamp contrasting with a very modern environment and bringing more sophistication to the decoration, making it more beautiful.

Free Tutorial Available: Granny’s Classic afghan


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