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There is no one who does not agree that having a home always organized can be a great joy, when we arrive at the end of a working day, after all cleanliness and comfort are closely linked to the advantages of an organized environment, and that would be no different. in a room. For this reason the Xell Crafts team has separated some room organizing tips for you to apply at home and conquer a pleasant and functional space in addition to the tutorial for a beautiful Lovely Square Cardigan. The first basic organizational tip is that it is impossible to have a functional environment if you have a lot.

So, first of all, consider reviewing all your clothes, accessories and shoes before you start organizing, this is already a great start. Get rid of what you no longer use to gain more space to store what is left, in the case of clothes, without wrinkling them. This also applies to decorative objects such as small trinkets that only accumulate dust and even furniture.

If your room is still small, more than ever you should consider keeping only the extremely functional and necessary furniture in your room to optimize space. Your bed is an important central and focal part of the room, so keep it tidy as soon as you get up, a well-made bed makes any room look organized.

The closet is also important, even if it is always with closed doors so pay close attention to it. In order not to mess up your clothes that are already tidy and ironed inside the wardrobe, consider letting the parts that are most in use, that is, most fit the season that you are in, be more handy. To think about this kind of thing is also to consider the organization.

In addition, make sure you have a space reserved for each piece you have, this refers to the fact of discarding the excess or betting on furniture designed especially for your need. To help your organization, you can use some interesting allies that will help even when it comes to finding more space to house your things, which will be very useful for you.

Organizing boxes will store makeup, jewelry and other offal and hooks on the walls can hold bags and belts. The final tip is that after the room is organized, you need to keep it that way, in this case, cleaning is essential, nothing to leave dirty clothes, wet towels or used dishes scattered around the space, pay close attention to these details. Over time you will find that keeping the environment organized is much easier than starting the entire organization from scratch again.

Free Tutorial Available: Lovely Square Cardigan


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