Crystal Cold Silence Mandala


The time to move house is very important in our lives and must be thought and analyzed very carefully. Regardless of whether you are moving to your own or rented property, with or without previous use, residential or commercial, several factors and physical and historical characteristics of the property must be observed. Feng Shui is a powerful tool for you to decorate your new home. First of all, be wary of very cheap real estate. When the sale or lease price is too low, something goes wrong and the victim will be you. Research, ask the neighbors and call a specialist to assess the physical condition of the property. Today we’ll see more about it and learn how to make an incredible Crystal Cold Silence Mandala.

Get to know the history of the residents of the property. Certain houses have a reputation that their residents repeat the same story, often not very encouraging, which can influence the lives of new residents, so be prepared for that. If you come across a property in these conditions and like it, know that a good renovation is necessary to completely change the energy of the place and this can be a little more expensive than you think.

Pay attention to the general condition of the property first. Gutters and mold can be an incurable pathology. In some situations it is practically impossible to solve these problems. Mold is a well-known residential pathology.

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Initially caused by some type of leakage or infiltration of water, it generates the proliferation of a colony of fungi that when infecting the entire wall, not only the paint or plaster, will only be exterminated with the felling of the infected wall and the construction of a new one, so be aware of that. In these cases, the help of a specialist is needed to assess the conditions of this mold. Remember that it is stagnant and in addition to doing a lot of harm to your health, it can have a very negative influence on the energy of the home and the routine of its residents.

Ventilation and lighting are other fundamental factors for Feng Shui. Visit the property at several different times and also on sunny and cloudy days. Observe the environments under natural light, without interference from the lamps. A gloomy environment can negatively influence various aspects of our lives and even harm residents. Ventilation is also essential. If you feel that at certain times of the day the atmosphere is suffocating, think carefully before entering the property or prepare for a renovation. Areas affected by “airless” environments tend to become stagnant and progressless.

Observe the layout layout of the environments. A specialist can apply Feng Shui on the floor plan of the new property, analyze the environments and who will occupy them, especially in the bedrooms and in advance warn you about any important healing needed before purchasing or renting. Then you will have more data to evaluate the business and the change. Anyway, in general, follow your intuition when choosing, it will be your ally. When entering a property, pay attention to your feelings.


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