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Is it time to choose your home’s floors and coverings? So here’s a tip: Gray porcelain tile, in addition to being versatile and beautiful, is super practical to keep the house clean on a daily basis. In addition, there is a wide variety of gray porcelain finishes, such as: polished, matte, satin and glossy. Some even have a marbled effect that is very high in the decorative universe.

You can choose a model for each room in the house. Are you interested in gray porcelain tiles? Then check out our tips to learn how to identify the different finishes and how to choose the best porcelain tint for your home and the tutorial for a beautiful Essentials Baby Blanket. See and be inspired by the beautiful examples we have selected!

Porcelain tiles are not one of the cheapest floors, that is a fact and we all know it. Ceramics, for example, may be much more affordable for those looking for economic reform. And as the gray color is on the rise, the value of gray porcelain tiles is coming out a little higher than normal.

But before thinking about the economy, how about putting the advantages and disadvantages of investing in porcelain tiles on the tip of your pencil and paying extra money so that everything stays as you expect?

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Porcelain is a material made with porcelain and other noble materials, obtained after firing at 1200 degrees Celsius. The high temperature is made to guarantee almost zero porosity. In other words: the material does not absorb water and is super resistant, which is perfect. You don’t need to change gray porcelain tiles anytime soon, believe me.

Visit some stores, search for the value on the internet and see which piece is the most affordable for you. So you find the gray porcelain tile that offers the best cost benefit.

What is the best finish of gray porcelain tiles?
As we said, there are some types of gray porcelain finishes, such as polished, matte and satin. There is no one that is better, because each one of them has characteristics that make them more suitable for each place, you can learn more by looking on the internet.

The bathroom with gray porcelain tiles cannot be polished, for example, as polishing the material makes it slippery. The ideal is to bet on matte gray porcelain, which is more porous and safer for the environment. Avoid accidents!

The matte gray porcelain tile is rougher and totally dull, so much so that it is compared to marble – but it is not as rough as natural stone. If you are looking for industrial decor, matte gray porcelain is the right option! Light gray porcelain in the modern kitchen is a great idea for a project.

Gray satin porcelain. The advantage of this type of porcelain tile is that it can be used outdoors and indoors. Many also take the opportunity to use it as wall coverings, due to the variety of colors and textures available. You can even make a bathroom with satin gray porcelain without fear, it will leave the room with an incredible touch.

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